"When will we know it’s enough?"

The nature of ambition in question. Something I can’t help but obsess over, regardless the pursuit. The sheer multitude of angles/variables/diversions to consider when putting a song together is at once exciting, and daunting. 

"Old Haunts", track 10 from The Slideshow Effect, sought to conclude the album-cycle through meta-narrative, which, for better or worse, is exactly something that we would do. I always felt that we were oddly categorized with the slew of “80’s Saturday morning cartoon sun-kissed fun-times bands”. Our music tended to struggle with the idea of possessing memories you didn’t want to keep (we did sample Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind after all). So while the Garbage Pale Kids, and Hi-C Ecto Coolers, and whatever all of the other easy, nostalgic touchstones that Buzzfeed converts into ad-revenue, do have their place, it isn’t really with us. 

Kept you here beneath my breath/Smooth the sheets upon the bed/Gathered slowly on the steps/Placed an heirloom to forget.

"Old Haunts" wrestles with the idea of coming to terms with your memory and moving forward, effectively bringing an end to that weird chapter in your life, where maybe you started listening to Belle & Sebastian to impress college girls, or awkwardly wore a fedora for two years, or got a tattoo with an Interpol lyric, or decided to buy every season of Scrubs on DVD. All things (good and bad) lead you to the person you’re supposed to be, regardless of those awful early-Facebook conversations with an old flame.

"It’s enough", she yawps. It’s never really enough.

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